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About Us
Daze Chemicals Company Ltd.,located in Daze Town,Xinhui District,Guangdong Province, a famous overseas Chinese hometown, is committed to research and development of water transfer film,special patints for plastics,metal and other material and inks for painting. The company has strong technical forces---a number of specialists are concentrated in research of water transfer film,special paint and inks. Since setout of the company, new techniques and advanced machinery have been introduced and technical innovations have been launched. The latest machinery and processes have been used for water transfer film,the process for coating on cubic surfaces with imitation patterns. Techniques for water transfer printing and water transfer are leading the way in domestic markets.
New Products
Technical process

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Address:Hua guo shan industrial zone,Daze town,Xinhui district,Jiangmen city,Guangdong province,China.
Telephone:0750-6899723 FAX:0750-6899388
Business contact:Miss Wong E- mail:dzfg@vip.163.com